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Truffle Noir by Temple Spa

Well, I did say in a recent post that my blog would be entering Temple Spa season and I have no intention on deviating from this until my mind is distracted by something that shines or some brightly coloured flashing lights. Today, and after a using it over twenty days I will be giving my thoughts on Truffle Noir, billed as a nocturne facial rejuvenator by Temple Spa. 

Will I wake up looking like I did in 2004 (yes, I know, a shameless and random excuse to insert a picture of me looking much younger)? Read on….. 

Truffle Noir is the second Temple Spa product sent to me to sample. I have already written about their Way To Go Cleansing Wash Gel here and considering how much I liked that, this one had a lot to live up to. While different products, I was blown away by the quality and high hopes.

This is what Temple Spa say about Truffle Noir:

'Truffle Noir, particularly designed to do night duty on your skin while you sleep. We combined brilliant science with turbo charged ingredients to create a luxury formula that repairs, restores and renews. The texture is amazing and with the addition of Happybelle-PE (happiness in a jar) you really will look great in bed!

For men, Truffle Noir has a handsome satin-matte finish on the skin being ideal for their daytime regime; it has all the rejuvenating benefits of Skin Truffle, yet without the diamond lustre.


  • Anti-ageing, long term benefits
  • Instant aesthetic benefits – gives a clear, radiant, ‘happy’ and toned complexion
  • Slows down the development of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Repairs cell and tissue damage
  • Strengthens thin or fragile skin
  • Restores elasticity, boosts collagen
  • Renews firmness, suppleness and smoothness
  • Supports the fundamental changes in our skins behaviour at night, working with the body’s natural rhythm
  • Helps the skin ‘help itself’ by promoting its natural ability to replenish
  • Easily absorbed, non-greasy formula
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and plump, with a satin-matte finish
  • Calms razor burn or skin irritations'

Any regular reader will know that I don’t like the area around my eyes. I have used a range of things to try and eliminate the bags, change the colour to look as though I’m actually alive etc. I’ve been using Clarins Eye Revitaliser for the bags, but Truffle Noir was going to be handy in trying to reduce the lines (read crows feet) around my eye and eyebrow (it’s a proper Mancunian mono-brow)

I have been using a 5ml sample on and off when my eyes have needed a boost over the last couple of weeks and the difference in and around my eyes is incredible. The tube is now coming to the end of its life, but when you consider that a 50ml jar of this costs £85 here, what do you get for the money and would I go out and buy it myself?

Well rather than blast you with lots of cunning facts, the simple truth is that this works as the pictures below show. The left was taken after a bad night of sleep, the picture on the right fifteen minutes after applying Truffle Noir. The images speak for themselves.

Yes, this is expensive, but you only need a tiny amount of it to smooth over those fine lines around your eyes and they stay gone all day. The colouring around the eye improves, and instead of looking like an extra from The Walking Dead, my eyes genuinely feel more awake, and wider (it’s a weird sensation at first).

So what worked for me? 

Anti-ageing, long term benefits - over a few weeks the darkness has reduced 
Instant aesthetic benefits – yes, eyes do look and feel much better
Renews firmness, suppleness and smoothness - the skin does look smoother
Easily absorbed, non-greasy formula - yes, it is absorbed quickly
It does leave skin feeling soft and plump, with a satin-matte finish

This is one I would recommend, I use it during the day to pep up my eyes, but the results are equally as impressive in the morning when applied just before bed. Great stuff, and worth the money for the results.

Bye bye tired eyes....


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  1. It looks good as long as it works that what counts

  2. I think you get what you pay for, the results speak for themselves.


  3. Truffle Noir sounds more like a box of chocolates but anything this good that makes you look less like death has got to be a great thing. Impressive to see that the hairstyle and monobrow haven't changed in 20 years too.

  4. Cute picture! It certainly sounds more like chocolates than a beauty product but maybe that helps sell it?

  5. Sounds interesting thats for sure but not sure will work for everyone .

  6. Sounds like a good product, might need to try it on me for the massive suitcases, I mean bags, under my eyes!

  7. Aw my favourite photo. I need an entire tub of this right now for my carrier bags x

  8. *sigh* and there was me thinking it would be chocolates! I love face creams and apply them twice a day, even more in summertime but I am notoriously bad at remembering eye cream, this looks like a great product.

  9. It looks really effective. My eye bags are huge and I am constantly hoping for something that actually delivers on it's promises!

  10. Holy dang, 85 quid o.o it must definitely do it's job for that price

  11. oh wow i ought to try this i have more luggage than Heathrow! anything that can tame my bags is good in my book!

  12. I am so glad this worked for you! xxx

  13. oh im still not sure about this one im not great for one who likes eye products

  14. £85???! That is just a crazy amount of money - it better be good for that price :p

  15. It did sound like a box of chocolate :) Bit expensive, I think, but if it works then why not!

  16. A bit too expensive for me but I guess you get what you pay for

  17. This sounds like a fantastic product - I love Temple Spa! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  18. This sounds fab but I don't think hubby would use it - he isn't really a "product" man

  19. I'm completely put off by the price I'm afraid

  20. This looks like it's really effective. Will have to check it out for myself :)


    With love from Lou

  21. Daaaamn, for that price I would hope it works wonders!

  22. Cool, its really all in the use of the product - if you stay along with following the directions and keep consistent you can definitely see results!

  23. crikey moses it's a bit pricey hey? but good to see results


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