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Nip + Man Body Sculpting & Toning

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a range of products from the Nip + Man Body Sculpting & Toning range, four products that are designed to promote your workout regime by helping to sculpt, tone and improve the texture of your skin. 

All of the products had been calling my name from the shelves dedicated to my male grooming products for some time but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I decided that now was the time to try them - after all I had been eating a bit more healthily, had been off the demon drink for weeks (for the first time in twenty years) and had been increasing my levels of activity from zero to brisk walks and a few sit-ups (the gym is a bridge too far at the moment).

Needless to say I'm not ripped, but the lack of alcohol and mild exercise has resulted in the loss of any kind of beer belly and love handles, my biceps and abs are more defined and I want to keep them that way! 

The four products in the range are available from the Nip + Man website here

Now personally I think the products individually are quite expensive and you‘ll be able to see why below with the breakdown of the range, however you can buy the Pec, Bicep and Ab Fix together as a Body Fix Kit for a discounted price here of £39.95:

So what are the products (descriptions taken directly from the Nip + Man website) and are they worth investing in?

Pec Fix - £16.95 for 100ml

Pec Fix is a minimising + sculpting gel with a fast acting formula to help to improve tone, texture + smoothes the appearance of pec contours.

For use after a workout or for pecs that just need a boost, this non sticky formula is ideal for daily use to contour, tone + reduce the appearance of excess fat.

Ab Fix - £19.95 for 100ml 

Need help getting that six pack? Nip + Man Ab Fix is a lightweight, fast acting gel which will help to improve skin tone and texture around the abdominal area. Containing Gemmoslim, Nip + Man Ab Fix helps improve skin tone + texture in the abdominal area.

Bicep Fix - £12.95 for 100ml

Get better biceps with Bicep Fix, a firming, toning gel to make arms appear stronger.

This sculpting gel helps define the appearance of the upper arm area + improves tone + texture for extreme body confidence.

Containing ultra firming ingredient laracare, the bicep area is enhanced + skin appears smoother + more toned.

Power Workout Fix - £9.95 for 50ml

Power Workout Fix is your ultimate workout accessory.

This muscle warming serum is designed for use post-workout to help de-stress the body + soothe tired muscles.

Ever felt fatigued after a workout? This gym bag essential relieves + warms aching muscles while improving the skin’s tone to help treat muscles fast.

Well, what is there to say, the Ab, Pec and Bicep gels have a fairly neutral fragrance, it's fresh on the nose and seems to have a faint floral aroma. Don't worry lads, it is so faint you would struggle to smell it and as soon as it is dried in you can hardly nose it when trying to - so no chance of being dubbed the office bouquet after a work out and using this.  

I found the toners really useful - while it would take a Genie and three wishes to create the body I want, the gels did have a positive impact on how my skin felt and looked. Once the gel had dried in the skin was felt much more hydrated, it had a spring to it when pushed in and felt soft to the touch. Not bad. 

The Pec toner however had some weird and welcome results. After showering and drying off properly I massaged the gel into my pecs and let it soak in. After about ten minutes my chest started to tingle (not in a bad way) and I could feel the skin getting tighter! Wow....It did firm up my pecs for a couple of hours. 

So amazed by the results of the Pec Fix I mentioned it to a friend who renamed it "T*t toner" (it's more a reflection on the company I keep).

While I may not be running any marathons lately (or ever) I do have to cart around biker boots on feet that weigh about 6 lbs each. A long walk and I really feel it in my calf and thigh muscles - it's a pain. In the past my thighs cramp or I ache in my lower leg. After a night on my feet I have found that using the Power Workout Fix eases the stiffness and aching. It is like a roll on deodorant but instead it dispenses a warming gel that is absorbed immediately. This stuff has become priceless to me!

Once I get my carcass back to the gym these four products are going to become invaluable to me. Using them won't leave you with washboard abs or biceps as big as my waist, but they do work wonders on the skin, they do sculpt and tone as promised.

All that is left to do is flex my bicep, kiss the muscle and mutter under my breath (in a slow, deep Lancastrian accent), “ show”.


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  1. I expected them to smell similar to a male deodorant for some odd reason, so even I was surprised they didn't. That said the tingling sounds similar to my Bee Venom mask, in a good way x

  2. is it wrong to say my hubs could do with this?! lol

  3. That´s kind of cool! Good luck with your toning!

  4. I have never heard of anything like this before, sounds fab x

  5. Really interesting. I know quite a few men that use these sorts of things

  6. Not heard of this range before but they sound great and good that they actually make a difference

  7. Nice to see Nip and Fab have a mens range! it is very affordable too which is great! xxx

  8. Well have to say that I didn't even know products such as this existed.

  9. Didn't even realise Nip and Fab has a mens range!


  10. never come across anything like this, sounds interesting!

  11. I'll stick to what I know and keep up the gym and clean eating. Let me know how it goes though, always interesting to see how these products help over the long term!

    Ben |

  12. Very interesting, I haven't heard about Nip Man toning range, so thank you for sharing. I shall consider it for hubby x

  13. oh this is new to me will be taking a peak for the husband , thanks for sharing x

  14. I hadn't heard about the Nip man toning range. My son is at the gym every morning working out so he may want to know about these products.

  15. They sound interesting - and I love the packaging! Glad to hear they work, but I think the price tag would put me off buying them for my other half!

  16. I shall have to point my OH in the direction of these!

  17. Can't see my husband using this but then again he isn't the gym sort.
    Looks good packaging though

  18. I'm not sure how my OH half would feel if I bought these for him!! I might need to go for a more subtle approach... It looks like a great range

  19. Hmmm not sure hubs would like these

  20. My husband has started gentle gym workouts so now would be the time for me to present him with something like this as a hint to step it up a bit!!

  21. Never heard of anything like this! They sound great.

  22. These sound like such great products, another lot to add to the boyfriends list!

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  23. never would have thought products like these would work. always skeptical

  24. Wait what. They make tit toner? Creasing at the thought of rubbing these into myself after a trip to the gym.

  25. I know a few who would love these. Will make a point of showing them. Thanks

  26. I never thought products like this actually exist. Very interesting!

  27. Where is the female version of this and where can I buy it! The whole range sounds fab :)

    JustJulie | UK Beauty Blog

  28. That's interesting! I never even knew products like these existed!

  29. Aw...this is interesting. Will show them to my hubby!

  30. These look like they would be handy if you are trying to tone up for a specific event :)

  31. I actually think I said Tit Tightner not Tit Toner but I'm not going to be picky.


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