Monday, February 16, 2015

Osmo Effects Detoxify Shampoo

With the endless amounts of lotions and potions that get rubbed, smeared and massaged into my hair it is no wonder that from time to time it has the texture of straw and can look tired. Until late last year, washing my hair consisted of picking up the nearest bottle in the shower (and there are a lot to choose from)

Osmo Effects Detoxify came as part of the Osmo Male Grooming gift set and it sat around for a while until I finally got to the stage where my hair just couldn’t take any more.

Detoxify is a one day a week clarifying cleanser - it’s basically a shampoo that strips away all of the gunk and junk added over the course of seven days.

I have a 250ml tube of Detoxify, and when looking to see how much this costs when sold separately I was surprised to see that it is only £4. If you are interested in picking up a tube, you can do so from here.

This is what Osmo say about Detoxify:

‘A deep clarifying cleanser designed to effectively remove product build-up and impurities whilst retaining the hair's natural moisture.

Achieve super clean results with this unique formulation which combines Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil. Jojoba and Wheatgerm condition and soften.’

First things first, with any shampoo I tend to be drawn back by the fragrance - anything remotely sweet in nature and I’m hooked. While Detoxify isn’t sweet, you can pull out the light fragrance of tea tree which makes it smell fresh and clean, but to be honest, no hints of rosemary whatsoever. Personally I like the fragrance of this, it doesn’t hit the senses it is so subtle and doesn’t have that underlying synthetic smell you can get with some shampoos. 

This is the first shampoo I have used specifically to remove product build up in my hair so I can’t compare the fragrance with others like it on the market, but take it from me, it smells lush.

A tiny amount, a quick massage onto my hair and whoosh, my head was encased in a light lather. It didn’t have the thickness of my usual shampoo and it quickly faded as the shampoo stripped away at my hair. After a couple of minutes my scalp tingled ever so gently and I decided it was time to rinse it off. 

After a thorough rinse my hair felt light and it squeaked when I ran my palm over the crown of my head. 

Now for the gross bit - I first used this in the bath and as soon as I had washed my hair the water turned an awful, stomach churning beige. Eurgh….The shampoo had clearly removed a lot, and I mean, a lot of residual gunk that had been glued to my hair. 

While still wet my hair had an amazing shine that remained even after drying. My hair did feel a bit lighter and before styling the individual strands were much more fine to the touch. 

Styling was also much easier after using Detoxify, in fact, much less product was needed to sculpt the style I wanted. Excellent (said while tapping fingers together Mr Burns style).

This is the perfect shampoo for removing build ups of hair products. It doesn’t irritate the scalp, has a strange tingling sensation when using and strips away impurities. It does what it says on the tin (it’s a tube stooooopid) and doesn’t cost the earth. Using this once a week has improved the health of my hair - there is also certainly less hair product residue throughout the week that can flake off onto clothes.


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  1. I always mistake this for a tube of hair gel or body wash rather than a shampoo, but am glad it does work x

  2. Have to say that does sound fantastic - will be getting some of this for my hubby who used copious amounts of gel/gunk on his hair.


  3. My hubby doesn't do hair products but it does sound great for those who do :)

  4. I like the sound of it but my husband would be mortified at the cost ;)

  5. Ooh finally a blog I can look to for products for my husband! Great review xxx

  6. Ooh finally a blog I can look to for products for my husband! Great review xxx

  7. I haven't herd of this brand! I recently purchased the new Loreal Shampoo! excited to give it a go. xx

  8. I would absolutely love this - anything to remove all of the built up nasties in my hair!

  9. Sounds perfect. I need this for my youngest who loved gels, waxes and moulds

  10. This sounds great! I have used shampoos like this in the past but sometimes they make my hair and scalp feel a bit dry. This sounds like a great one to try though. I have used a lot of Osmo products in the past so will definitely check this one out too! :-)

  11. Ooh yes, gunk build up is not a good look- so this is perfect for heavy product users!

  12. It looks like an interesting shampoo and I love the fact it removes build ups of hair products x

  13. I dislike packaging like this. There is always too much coming out once you open it; not a perfect packaging for a shampoo in my opinion.

  14. I haven't heard of this brand before but seems like a good shampoo


  15. That's a really interesting idea for a shampoo, haven't heard of one like this before! My only worry is that it might remove more than just gunk, like natural hair oils or what not - I'd be curious to know if your hair felt more dry or anything after?

    Frankie x

    1. Frankie, the first time I used it my scalp dried out and was a bit itchy but the week after it was fine and has been ever since. It does dry out the shaft a bit more, but it is worth it for me personally as it strips out soooo much gunk. Stephen :o)

  16. This actually sounds so good, I've never tried a clarifying shampoo but I love the sound of this - good to hear it works so well! It's super affordable too :)

    Jess xo

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  18. Really interesting, not heard of this before..something I will definitely be on the look out for, thanks

  19. I need to tell my hubby about this, he uses lots of wac

  20. Day to day my hair is fine but every once in a while after a particularly "chapped up" night, I need something stronger to pull all the stuff out. When I regain a social life I'll have to pick some of this up. Thanks

  21. something that gets rid of build up is so needed on my hair too!


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